Welcome to “LIFING 101 PODCAST:

A Journey Through Life’s Experiences, Challenges, and Interpretations”

The podcast that invites you to embark on an enriching exploration of the human experience.


Hosted by Tina C. Christian, Your MC with the LPC and Guest Co-host Laurenda McKinney, Your MC with the PhD, this captivating series delves deep into the intricacies of life, guiding you through a tapestry of stories, insights, and wisdom that unravel the essence of existence in an entertaining and enjoyable manner. 

Join us as we commence on an enchanting excursion into the depths of human existence with “Lifing 101” a intriguing and soul-refining podcast that explores the countless twists of life. Join us as we decipher the entangled fibers that sew together the fabrics of our existence, blowing the lid of the profound wisdom, touching stories, and endless truths that describe and interpret our mutual journey.

In each episode, we maneuver the complex jungle of life’s challenges, triumphs, and mysteries, engaging in heartfelt conversations with an array of guests from all walks of life, with extraordinary stories; we uncover the complexity of human experiences that connect us all. 

Our podcast offers a safe and nurturing space for contemplation, self-discovery, and personal growth. Through introspective dialogues, we explore themes such as day-to-day challenges and struggles, growth, resilience, meaning and purpose, love, identity, transformation, life’s stressors, and the pursuit of contentment, as it relates to different aspects of our life.

Whether you’re in search of comfort or consolidation during trying times, a positive perspective on life’s mysteries, or simply a moment of inspiration, “LIFING 101” is your companion on this fascinating journey.


Tune in and let us guide you through the profound layers of existence, piece by piece, episode by episode. 

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