Meet your host of LIFING 101 PODCAST: “A Journey Through Life’s Experiences, Challenges, and Interpretations.”

Tina C. Christian, LPCHOST– Your MC with the LPC

As a Missouri Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), with over 15 years of working with children and families, I’ve assisted many individuals prevail challenges such as anger management, anxiety, depression, family and relationship problems, substance abuse disorders, serious mental illnesses and day-to-day struggles. 

With a graduate certificate in forensic psychology, a master’s degree in counseling, and bachelor’s degree in social psychology, I’m here to offer insight, as well as explore and promote emotional well-being.

My goal, as a passionate advocate for mental health, is to offer hope and encouragement while guiding others through this complex world of insanity!

Laurenda McKinney, PhD, SHRM-CPGUEST CO-HOST -Your MC with the PhD.

As a Human Resource Professional, with several years of HR experience in a variety of areas of expertise, I enjoy enhancing individuals’ experiences. I want any person’s path I cross to leave better than they came. I hope they never leave the same way they came. I have experience conducting investigations and coming to fair resolutions where everyone that is involved can benefit and there are no losers. I enjoy educating employees on the benefits of the Employee Assistance Program and how valuable the benefit can be. Mental health is wealth. It takes a strong individual to take control of their mental health.

During my Doctorate degree research, I completed my dissertation on bullying in an academia setting. Of course bullying sounds like an elementary school problem. During research, I learned how many individuals it affects and also how it affects individual’s health. The numbers are pretty astonishing.

My goal is to empower and inspire others as a resource for professional and personal growth and development.


Real people, with real life experiences and real professional knowledge and expertise!

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Donate to the show. Buy me a coffe!